Everything you wanted to know, but were too busy planning your event to ask.
What size bands do you offer?

Our band can perform as small as 6 musicians, and as large as 9 musicians. We can also provide music for your ceremony (solo pianist or guitar), as well as for your cocktail hour (solo pianist, guitar and bass duo, or a horn, guitar, and bass trio.

Do you use a set group of musicians?

We use the same musicians in our band to the greatest extent possibile – not a rotating cast of individuals like you may get from some music agencies. Our musicians rehearse and perform together on a regular basis, which helps create a solid ensemble for your performance. However, please understand that there are instances when regular band members may have other commitments, so we occasionally do use substitutes. All of our substitutes have experience rehearsing and performing our music and arrangements, and all are top-notch musicians, so most clients honestly don’t even notice if there’s a substitute musician in the band.

Does your band play requests?

Our standard offerings typically include learning up to 2 new songs for your wedding or event. For weddings, we've found that most couples ask us to learn a special song for their first dance, and then rely on our expertise and knowing what we sound best on and works best with our existing repertoire will keep the party rocking all night! If you tell us that we don't need to learn any songs for your wedding, we may be able to offer you a small discount, as this saves time on writing musical arrangements and learning the new material - a savings we're happy to pass on to you!

How much do you charge?

Depending on the size of our band, the date of your event, and the location, the rate varies. Please contact with information about your event so that we can give you the best price possible. Once we have enough information, we will provide you with several package options for you to choose from. As a very rough ballpark, the prices for our 7 piece ensemble, the most popular version of the band, begin at around $7,000 for a lower Hudson Valley performance. But once again, please understand that each performance is unique, so please contact us, and we will provide a proposal with multiple options for you to review.

May we see your band live before we book you?

We absolutely welcome visitors when we perform public engagements. The problem is that we don’t play publicly very often. Since it may take a long time for you to see us live, we would recommend reviewing the materials on our website, and that you review our references. We have recorded a professional video for you to review, and we occasionally do “showcase” performances – always in Manhattan. Allowing clients to review video footage of the band is much more convenient for our clients, and much more cost-effective for us.

What does the band typically wear?

Our standard dress for events is black pants, black shirt, black jacket, black tie for the guys, and a black gown for the ladies. If you would prefer something different please let us know. Our band can wear black and white / tuxedos, or dress more casually depending on the nature of your wedding.

Do you have insurance?

Upon request, we can furnish a $1,000,000 liability policy, which is standard for wedding and event professionals. Please let us know at least 3 weeks in advance if your venue requires the insurance.

How much time do you need for set up and tear down?

We typically try to arrive to set up two hours before your cocktail hour begins, and then require an additional hour at the end of your reception in order to tear down our equipment.

How many different styles of music do you play?

Have a look at our song list to get a better idea. We play songs from many different styles including Motown, soul, funk, disco, 80s, pop, rock, slow songs, and contemporary dance hits. We can also learn songs in other styles if you request them.

Do you require food and beverages for the band?

We do not require it, but it is a very nice gesture. When you factor in that some musicians drive over two hours each way to the performance, and include two hours of set up time, four hours of performing, and one hour of cleanup, that can sometimes make for an 11 hour time commitment for your event. We just ask that you tell us ahead of time if you will not be feeding us, so that we can make alternate arrangements.

How much electricity does the band need?

We run all of our equipment through a power conditioner that outputs a maximum of 15 Amps, so a 15 Amp circuit is all that we should need. Just to be safe, it is nice to have a 20 Amp circuit.

How much room do you need?

We typically ask for a space 24 feet wide by 12 feet deep. We are appreciative if your venue is able to accommodate this space. Smaller versions of the band are able to work with slightly smaller spaces, and we will always do as much as possible to make ourselves fit into whatever space is available. Please don’t let space be a major concern when booking us. We’ll squeeze into wherever we have to in order to make the band fit! On several occasions, we've brought a 7 piece band and played at venues that have never had larger than a 5 piece band, so we're happy to squeeze as closely together as necessary to fit!

Will you perform outdoors?

Gladly! We do require a covered area with completely dry ground. None of our electrical equipment can come in contact with anything wet at any point. Additionally, in the event of a thunderstorm, we reserve the right to stop performing as soon as lightning is seen or thunder is heard. If you are close enough to hear or see either, you are close enough to be struck by lightning. Please note that we do still require full payment, even if we stop performing due to weather.

What is the booking process, and what are your payment terms?

When we are booked for an event, you are able to sign our performance agreement electronically online, and you are also able to make your deposit payment online as well via credit card. We require an $1,800 deposit for the band, and then the balance is due by check prior to the start of our last set of the evening. We encourage you to pay us at the beginning of the event so that we don’t have to track you down later in the evening to remind you to pay us. We know you’d much rather be spending time with your guests.

If a band member gets sick, what happens?

We maintain an extensive listing of local substitutes for every member of the band that we are able to call on short notice to fill in if an emergency were to arise. Periodically, members of the band do get sick or have other commitments, so we have many substitutes that can perform our material without any prior rehearsals.

Can you describe your approach to planning and working with other vendors?

First, we work with you to complete our detailed wedding reception planning document. Then, approximately two weeks before the date of your event, we will share the document with the reception facility as well as the other vendors. On the day of the wedding, we will arrive early to review the schedule of events again with the reception facility and other vendors as a final check. We're told that we're very unique in that we're proactive about reaching out to other vendors BEFORE your event. By doing this, we have avoided many issues in the past, and we have found that this approach is very effective at creating a great partnership between all of your key vendors.

How much time is spent (and where does it take place) on the planning process?

Our detailed wedding planning document covers nearly every detail for a wedding reception, and it can often be completed over the phone or via email, which will save you significant time. The planning document outlines all of the events that normally happen at a wedding. Once the document is complete, we are still always available to answer your questions to assist in any other ways possible. One of the most fun parts about planning is that we try to make things very personal. We love to get together with couples ahead of time for drinks to talk through things to make sure we understand your vision for your wedding. We want the process of working with the band to be fun for you!

Do you direct the activities of the reception, or does someone else?

Our wedding planning document will help make sure we are on the same page with the venue, as well as the other vendors. We work closely with everyone to ensure that things flow smoothly. We are also more than happy to make all announcements throughout the evening in order to facilitate the flow of the event. If you already have a professional Master of Ceremonies, we are more than happy to step back and let them direct the events.

What sets you apart from other wedding bands?

Many bands provide great music, but this is only the beginning to putting together a successful event. Not only do we pride ourselves on great music, but on extremely attentive service as well. We utilize a detailed wedding planning document that makes planning your reception easy, and that often eliminates the need for us to even meet face to face prior to the event. We can share this document with the reception venue, and also with your other vendors if necessary in order to create a smooth-flowing event. Our song list is carefully chosen to include great dance songs – whether they are fast or slow. We avoid original music, or obscure songs that none of your guests will know. Many of our musicians have degrees in music and all are highly-skilled professionals.

May we see some references and contact them?

We encourage you to review the references on our site, and we can also provide you with contact information for references. If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the references on the site, we are more than happy to send the original emails that the references were from.

Will you book another wedding on the same day as our wedding?

We only book one wedding per day, so there is no risk that two weddings will overlap.

How many weddings have you performed?

Between all of the members of the band, including performances with Kazz Music and other ensembles, we have collectively performed at hundreds of weddings.

What happens when the band is on break?

We provide recorded music during the breaks that is appropriate for your event. You are also welcome to supply us with the recorded music if you so choose.

How long will you play for?

Our standard package includes four hours of time. Our breaks typically happen when toasts and speeches are made before dinner (you wouldn’t want music then anyway!), during dinner (approx. 30 minutes), and then possibly when dessert is served (10 minutes).

May we request that you don’t play certain songs?

Absolutely! Our job is to play the music that you would like to hear, and that includes avoiding the songs you don’t want to hear.

How far in advance of my wedding should I book the band?

We recommend booking as soon as you have the date secured.