First Dances – Should the Band Play, or Should You Dance to a Recording?

One of the considerations in planning a wedding is whether or not to have the band perform your first dance together, or whether you should dance to a recording of your first dance song.  From a bandleader’s perspective, here are a few thoughts:

  • If you’re going to take dance lessons and learn a routine for your song, you may want to consider dancing to the recording.  You’ll be spending many hours practicing to the recording, and that’s what you’ll feel comfortable with.  When a band plays a song, even if they play the exact same arrangement of the recording you’ve practiced to, it’s still not going to sound quite the same as the recording.  If you’re going to be focusing really hard on your footwork and getting your steps right, having something that doesn’t sound 100% familiar might be a bit of a distraction.  Even if you’re not taking dance lessons together, dancing to the recording still allows you to practice prior to the wedding, so it still may be the preferable choice for you. 
  • If you’re not going to take dance lessons and are just going to dance together and truly enjoy the moment, having the live band you hired perform your song can make for a very special dance. 
  • Most bands, The Kazz Music Orchestra included, will learn a set number of special requests for an event.  If you’ve got a lot of other dance songs that you’d like the band to play, dancing to a recording for your first dance may not be a bad idea, so that you can have the band learn another one of your song requests. 

Overall, there’s no right or wrong answer.  It ultimately comes down to your preferences and what you feel most comfortable with.  The most important thing to remember is that it is your first dance together as a married couple, so while not tripping over your two left feet, the most important thing is to savor the moment!  See you on the dance floor!