How Do Professional Bands Handle “Emergencies”?

Every bride and groom always wants to know, “What happens if someone in the band gets sick last minute before our wedding?”  The reality is that this can happen, along with a ton of other potential issues to us, or any band.  How we handle these situations is what makes us a truly professional band.

The list of things that can go wrong include car accidents, musician illness, getting stuck in terrible traffic, a death in the family, and a host of other things.  Occasionally as well, musicians in our band get called for major performance opportunities, including as featured in a previous blog entry, an opportunity to perform on Saturday Night Live. 

In our two year history, while our clients typically have never found out and have still absolutely loved our music, we have successfully managed through several “crisis” situations which, in addition to the last minute Saturday Night Live performance , have included musicians being called for European tours and performances weeks before a wedding, illness, and a logistical miscalculation that left one musician two hours away from a wedding reception when the reception was scheduled to begin in only one hour. 

In every situation above, including the situation where we had ONE hour to get a top-notch substitute to fill in for us, we were able to find someone on our substitute list that could step in to make sure that we were able to deliver premium entertainment for our wedding couples and their guests. 

Our clients should feel very comfortable that we are a band with a very deep listing of substitutes that are able to step into a performance situation with our band so that our clients and their guests are still able to fully enjoy the music and energy of the Kazz Music Orchestra.  You should expect nothing less from any band that you consider working with.  If a band isn’t willing to acknowledge this risk and can’t tell you how they manage through these situations, I would suggest looking elsewhere.  The reality is that emergencies come up.  Make sure your band is prepared!