Ariel and Naava

If you are reading this because you are considering hiring Kazz Music, let us save you some time: DO IT.

This band is one of the best things to happen to our wedding [June 2011]. Rhonda and the musicians are spectacular. They’re not just a “wedding band”. It’s like having a LIVE concert at your wedding.

They created the perfect blend of music that fit into the background as people ate and talked, and then turned up the volume playing hits that had everyone on the dance floor. A few of our friends are professional musicians too, and they were practically bowing down to Rhonda when she sang. Our guests were a range of cool young people to older family members – and everyone’s response was, “That was the best band EVER.”

We can’t say enough how meaningful their performance was to us. We originally gave them a long list of our favorite songs, and expected to only hear a few. Well, they played nearly all of them. And they are the NICEST people too. You could really tell that they love music and they love playing together, which means a lot when it’s your wedding. Working with good people is so important. We even had some guests inquire about hiring her for their upcoming weddings, and wanted to get on her mailing list to hear her play around the city (you should do that, too).

We also requested at least 45 minutes of Jewish music for the hora, and they played that perfectly. We were SO impressed, and the hora was so much fun.

We could not be more grateful to this band, and we give them our highest recommendation. If they are your wedding band, get psyched. It’s going to be a great party.