Emily and Bobby

There is zero chance that you will regret hiring this band for your wedding. Seriously, just do it.

The cost of hiring a band is significant, but it can (and did, for us) dramatically improve the tone and feel of your wedding. They were worth every single penny. Joe and the Kazz crew were incredible to work with, from our initial emails and phone calls to the very last song. Joe will be your main point of contact – he might be the most organized person I’ve met, and will certainly be the most organized vendor you’ll have for your wedding.

Kazz also went far to make our songs personal – Joe called us a week or two before our wedding and said he’d thought about a mashup of two songs we’d requested (our minds imploded when he told us – it was a great idea) and it was little touches like that one that set them apart from other vendors.

Among the many compliments we received about Kazz was the quote, “I think if you didn’t have food or booze, and just had Kazz, your wedding reception still would have been the best one I’ve been to.” Hire Kazz now, and then please invite us to your wedding so that we can re-live the experience… 🙂