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We Won Wedding Wire’s 2015 Couple’s Choice Award!

Last week, we got the super exciting news that we won Wedding Wire’s 2015 Couple’s Choice Award, making us one of the highest rated Westchester Wedding Bands!  This award is based on not only the number of reviews that we get on Wedding Wire, but also the quality of the reviews as well.  Based on our ratings that we received from all of the awesome couples that we worked with last year, we ranked in the top 5% of all bands in the entire country!  What’s even cooler than that is that this was our fourth year together as a band, and this is the fourth time we won the award!  What’s even cooler than THAT is that this concluded our fourth full year as a Westchester Wedding Band, so we’ve actually won this prestigious award every single year that we’ve been together as a band!  And… even cooler than THAT is that our band’s pianist, Andrea Shaut, won Wedding Wire’s 2015 Couple’s Choice Award as a ceremony pianist – both for the ceremonies that she has performed with our band, as well as for all of the ceremonies that she performs at outside of The Kazz Music Orchestra!  So much awesome music happening with us!

I was doing a little unscientific research on Wedding Wire, and from what I can tell, in the 4 years we’ve been together, when you look at all of the bands (not the agencies, or band / DJ combos) on Wedding Wire in Westchester, we’ve been given more 5 star reviews than any other Westchester Wedding Band.  That’s awesome!  Thanks so incredibly much to all of the awesome couples that we worked with this past year!  It means the world to us to get to perform for so many awesome couples.  Also, thank you so much to everyone in the band!  I love getting to perform with you all, and can’t wait for 2015!

2015 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award

Front Page of the New York Times – Morgan and Katherine


This past Saturday, we played for an AWESOME wedding at The Belvedere Mansion, near Rhinebeck, NY that has a few really cool aspects to it.  First, Morgan and Katherine wanted to hear us live before booking our band – fairly common request.  So, they tried to catch us at one of our monthly showcases at Groove in NYC, and due to a nasty late season snowstorm impacting their drive into NYC, they only caught the last half of our last song.  It was still enough and we were booked!

Fast forward to their wedding day:  July 13, 2013.  As a band, we had a TON of fun.  Andrea and Dan provided piano / guitar music for their ceremony – great classical music.  Dan then accompanied one of their guests for an acoustic version of “In My Life” by the Beatles.  The guest singer, Woody, sang wonderfully on it!

The reception was definitely one of the most energized ones of the year.  We always know it’s going to be fun when we’re playing background music designed to keep people seated and eating, yet the people are up and dancing anyway.  Once we got to the real dance music, there was no stopping this group, and it was an incredibly fun night for us!

Today, I just found out from Morgan that their wedding vows video made it to the front page of the New York Times, which I think is pretty cool!  Below is a link to their video:

Morgan and Katherine’s Vows Video – New York Times

A big congrats to Morgan and Katherine, and thanks very much for having us party with you!