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Madison Hotel Wedding – Ray and Jennifer

We had the pleasure of playing for Ray and Jennifer’s wedding last week Friday.  We provided our 8 piece band featuring Keith and Rhonda on vocals along with two horns and our rhythm section, and we also had Danny and Rawn play as a guitar/bass duo for their cocktail hour.  This was our first time at the Madison Hotel, and we’re hoping to become one of the regular Madison Hotel Wedding Bands, as it was a wonderful room to perform in, and Joe Zimmerman and the entire staff were awesome to work with! 

Ray and Jennifer had a few very last minute changes that we were able to help them out with which ended up making the music for their wedding exactly what they were looking for!  We had a request to play Scarlet Begonias by the Grateful Dead as their intro music, which was the first “Dead” tune we’ve ever done, and Ray loved it, so that made us happy! 

Ray and Jennifer had something rather unique at their wedding (although I know it is getting more popular at weddings…).  They had a very talented artist painting a portrait of their wedding reception.  Once the picture is posted online, I’ll be sure to post a link to it.  Also, they had a talented photographer, Candice K, taking photos for their wedding.  Definitely check her work out!

Below is a very short video clip I filmed at the wedding.  The videography is terrible.  I’m just not so great at playing sax and taking video at the same time!  But, it gives you a little taste of what the music sounded like for their reception!