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Doing Backflips at Emily and Bobby’s Wedding

As a Westchester Wedding Band, it’s always a treat for us to travel outside of the Westchester area to perform at weddings.  Last year, we played at a really fun wedding for Sophia and Michael at Colgate University.  They were kind enough to recommend us to their friends Emily and Bobby, who also got married at Colgate University this year.  Their party was a ton of fun!

One of the cool things about being in a wedding band is you get to watch guests dance, and occasionally you see some pretty crazy stuff… some of it quite inappropriate!  At Emily and Bobby’s wedding, we happened to capture something pretty crazy and cool as heck on video, so we thought it was worth sharing.  Check this dude out doing a backflip on the dance floor as Rhonda was belting out Firework!


Literacy Partners Gala Fundraiser

Nona Hendryx and Valerie Simpson with The Kazz Music Orchestra

Nona Hendryx and Valerie Simpson with The Kazz Music Orchestra

About a month ago, we had the opportunity to play for Literacy Partners’ Annual Gala Fundraiser at Cipriani’s in Midtown Manhattan – one of the nicest locations in NYC.  If you’re not familiar with the organization, check them out at www.literacypartners.org.  As a band that primarily performs at weddings, doing cool events like these, supporting great organizations like Literacy Partners is a pretty special opportunity for us!

The main highlight for us was getting to be the backup band for some superstar artists.  We got to perform with Mama Funk, Nona Hendryx (Originally sang “Lady Marmalade” with The Labelles), Valerie Simpson (Wrote “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing”, and tons of other Motown / Soul hits), and even Bette Midler for a very short time.  It was quite an awesome night!

For the event, we provided a jazz trio featuring trumpet / guitar / bass during the cocktail hour, and then we provided solo classical piano during dinner.  We also provided walk-on and walk-off music for all of the featured guests as they made their way to the stage for speeches.  That music was provided by our trio of sax / guitar / bass.  Finally, we provided a full band of 3 singers, 3 horns, keys, guitar, bass, and drums to back up the guest artists.  We then played a one hour dance set that completely rocked the party at the end of the night.

One of the greatest pieces of feedback we received at the end of the night was from a woman who stayed until the end who said “I’ll buy a ticket right now for next year’s event if your band will be playing again!”

Thanks very much to Literacy Partners for having us be a part of such an awesome event!

Apt3 Media Wedding Highlight Reel

Here’s a really awesome highlight video from Apt3 Media (www.apt3media.com) from a wedding that we played at back in May 2012. The Kazz Music Orchestra makes a few appearances throughout the video. One of the things I really love about Brad and Apt3 Media’s work is that it does such a great job of telling the story of the wedding. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but their approach is just a little bit different than other wedding videographers I’ve seen, and I really like it! If you’re looking for a videographer for your wedding, definitely check them out, as they’re easily one of my favorites!

[vimeo 49808326 w=500 h=281]

Julie + Matt | Wedding Day Highlights from Apt3 Media on Vimeo.