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Ben and Jane’s Wedding at the Larchmont Yacht Club

On August 11, we played for Ben and Jane’s wedding at The Larchmont Yacht Club.  We knew we were in for quite a fun night when we had tons of people screaming for us even after we were only a few bars into our first tune!  People danced the whole night, and we had a LOT of fun playing for this party!  Ben and Jane were a lot of fun to work with during the planning of their wedding.  I think one of the more interesting points of the wedding is that they asked the band to learn “Psycho Killer” by The Talking Heads.  By most standards, that’s not a typical wedding request.  BUT, everyone loved it and sang along – particularly on the chorus!

It was a great compliment for us to have the manager of the Larchmont Yacht Club tell us that we were one of the best bands that they’ve ever had perform there.  Considering the number of bands they hear every year, that compliment meant a lot to us!

Many thanks to Ben and Jane, as well as The Larchmont Yacht Club for making this such a fun night!  Check out some video of us performing at the wedding: