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Keith Fluitt on Saturday Night Live with Mick Jagger

On May 17th, The Kazz Music Orchestra’s very own male singer, Keith Fluitt, was featured on Saturday Night Live with Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire.  Check out the video on Hulu:  http://www.hulu.com/watch/363336

Keith is the second singer from the right in the choir at the start of the song.  The group sounded great!  Congratulations to Keith on this amazing opportunity!

This opportunity for Keith put The Kazz Music Orchestra in a pinch, as Keith received the call to perform only three days before we were to perform at a wedding on the same day.  We were able to book Larry Loftin, our #1 sub, who sounds fantastic, to step in at the last minute and help our clients Matt and Alexis have a great time at their wedding, while also allowing Keith to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. 

While The Kazz Music Orchestra is a group made up of set musicians and we try to use our original musicians as often as absolutely possible, occasionally situations like this do arise, and from a career development perspective, the Saturday Night Live performance for Keith was the right move, knowing that we would be able to find a fantastic replacement and still provide top-notch wedding entertainment for Matt and Alexis.  The great thing about working with such talented musicians in The Kazz Music Orchestra is that when we need a replacement – even at the last minute, we are able to get substitutes that are equally as talented as the other musicians in our band.  This in turn should make our clients feel comfortable that we can handle “emergency” situations that may arise very last minute like true professionals.