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NYC Wedding Band Prices

“How much does your band cost?”  That’s the first question we hear over and over.  With a little bit of research, you’ll probably find that prices for NYC Wedding Bands or Hudson Valley Wedding Bands can range from as little as $2,500 to well over $10,000.  Are the $10,000 bands really THAT good?  Here’s some perspective from us as an independent band, but also from us as having worked as musicians for various agencies around NYC.

If you’re working with an agency that has an office and staff working for it, consider this:  Who’s paying for their office?  Who’s paying for their sales people and administrative staff?  The answer is that the brides and grooms that book bands through that agency are.  On the low end, an agency will be pocketing at least 20% of the price that they’re charging you to book a band through them, and there are agencies that charge much more than that.  So in the end, the band is only getting a small piece of what you’re paying.

Working with an independent band has some great advantages.  Most individual bands aren’t going to have overhead costs nearly as high as those of an agency, so therefore independent bands’ prices usually aren’t nearly as high as the prices of an agency band.

Here’s a unique perspective on our band:  Many of the musicians in The Kazz Music Orchestra were a part of, or were substitutes, for a very busy band booked through two separate agencies.  Being completely honest, the agencies took a large portion of what clients were paying, and the musicians really weren’t being paid very much.  By forming our own independent band and doing all of our own bookings, we’ve put together a group that is able to charge less for performances (which our clients LOVE), yet at the same time, we’re able to pay ourselves better than if we were working through an agency.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Bottom Line:  If you’re looking at a NYC Wedding Band Agency, consider the fact that an independent band may very well have the same, or higher quality musicians than a big agency band, but may come at a much more reasonable price tag.  More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better in all cases, so be sure to do your research!  Enjoy the music!

Jenna and Bradley’s Wedding – The Liberty Warehouse

View from the Ceremony at The Liberty Warehouse

View from the Ceremony at The Liberty Warehouse

On Friday, The Kazz Music Orchestra played at a wedding I’ve been really looking forward to all year – the wedding of Jenna and Bradley at The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.  There was lots to like about this wedding.  First off, Jenna is a huge Motown fan, so the mix of music for the whole night was old school classic Motown, Soul, and R&B.  It’s personally my favorite music, so I had a blast playing all night!  For the ceremony, Andrea played solo piano and they chose “You’re All I Need To Get By”, “Stand By Me”, and then “For Once In My Life” on saxophone.  As a little added bonus, I offered to play saxophone on the recessional as a nice way to end the ceremony with a little more “flare”.

The decor at the wedding was awesome – black and white everywhere.  The format for the reception was basically a continuous cocktail hour throughout the night.  So, there were no formal seating assignments – just tables and even couches set up throughout the event space.  We performed as an 8 piece band with two horns for the night, which is a great match for the style of music that they wanted.  All around, it was a really great party.  Jenna worked very closely with the band in terms of the music selection in the planning process, which was a lot of fun for me.  It’s great to work with couples that are very involved, but at the same time trusting of us to do what we need to in order to rock the party.  So, it was a great partnership, and it resulted in a really fun wedding for us!  Congratulations Jenna and Bradley!

Wedding at The Montauk House – Brooklyn

Our most recent wedding was a unique one.  We played at The Montauk House in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  The Montauk House is a beautiful building from the 1880s that was modeled after a palace in Venice, Italy.  So, it was pretty amazing on the inside!

Most weddings feature a ceremony followed by a cocktail hour, and then a four hour reception.  This wedding was a bit unique, and we loved it!  There are two floors to the Montauk House.  The ceremony was held on the second floor, and immediately after the ceremony, guests were escorted out into some “overflow” rooms while the ceremony room was turned over to become the cocktail room.  During that time, the couple had a great mariachi band performing. 

The cocktail hour featured old 1920s or 1930s style jazz from an acoustic group with a female singer, and actually lasted for almost 3 hours.  Guests were served appetizers non-stop during that time, and that was essentially the meal.  Following that, we basically “led” them downstairs by starting our set with The Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin'”, which led guests into a two and a half hour dance party on the first floor. 

It was fun for us because the couple loved Motown / Soul music, so we were asked to only play music from that genre, which is one of our favorites to begin with!  We had our full horn section, so that made it even better!

It was an all-around great wedding for The Kazz Music Orchestra!  Only one more wedding, and a New Year’s Eve party in 2012, and then we’ve got a little break until wedding season 2013!  What a great year so far!