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Wedding at The Rhinecliff Hotel – 8/26/2012

We owe a HUGE thanks to Dan and Alison for having us perform for their wedding at The Rhinecliff Hotel on August 26.  The hotel is a beautiful setting – very old and historic, and it sits right on the shore of the Hudson River!  It was a fairly small dance floor, but Alison and Dan, along with their friends danced a LOT and filled it up, so it was a TON of fun for us!  Alison is a huge Katy Perry fan, so we rocked out on Firework, Hot ‘n Cold, and California Girls for her (some of which are in the clips below).  Alison also reached out and asked if we could take one additional request beyond what we typically agree to learn – so we also learned Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen for her as a little bonus!  Alison had proposed having Walking on Sunshine played at the end of their ceremony by Danny, our acoustic guitarist.  I joined in with him on sax to play the melody, and we actually ended up using that song as a theme throughout the evening.  It’s an incredibly upbeat tune, and very appropriate.  So, in addition to playing it for their ceremony we played the “groove” to it as we did our grand introductions of Alison and Dan’s wedding party, and then also played the full song later in the evening as one of the last tunes of the night.  I thought it was a really cool touch to use it in that manner.  This was a rockin’ party, so thanks again to Alison and Dan for having us perform!