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We Won Wedding Wire’s 2015 Couple’s Choice Award!

Last week, we got the super exciting news that we won Wedding Wire’s 2015 Couple’s Choice Award, making us one of the highest rated Westchester Wedding Bands!  This award is based on not only the number of reviews that we get on Wedding Wire, but also the quality of the reviews as well.  Based on our ratings that we received from all of the awesome couples that we worked with last year, we ranked in the top 5% of all bands in the entire country!  What’s even cooler than that is that this was our fourth year together as a band, and this is the fourth time we won the award!  What’s even cooler than THAT is that this concluded our fourth full year as a Westchester Wedding Band, so we’ve actually won this prestigious award every single year that we’ve been together as a band!  And… even cooler than THAT is that our band’s pianist, Andrea Shaut, won Wedding Wire’s 2015 Couple’s Choice Award as a ceremony pianist – both for the ceremonies that she has performed with our band, as well as for all of the ceremonies that she performs at outside of The Kazz Music Orchestra!  So much awesome music happening with us!

I was doing a little unscientific research on Wedding Wire, and from what I can tell, in the 4 years we’ve been together, when you look at all of the bands (not the agencies, or band / DJ combos) on Wedding Wire in Westchester, we’ve been given more 5 star reviews than any other Westchester Wedding Band.  That’s awesome!  Thanks so incredibly much to all of the awesome couples that we worked with this past year!  It means the world to us to get to perform for so many awesome couples.  Also, thank you so much to everyone in the band!  I love getting to perform with you all, and can’t wait for 2015!

2015 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award

Wedding Marathon – 14 Weddings in 14 Weeks!

Being a very busy Westchester Wedding Band, we’ve had very little down time lately as we’ve been performing non-stop at all kinds of amazing weddings!  We recently wrapped up a marathon of 14 weddings in 14 weeks, which kept us so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post anything in a long time.  Starting in August, and ending in November, we’ve been playing all around the Northeast every weekend!  In the past few months, we’ve played at some pretty amazing places, such as the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI.  In addition to RI, our travels have taken us North of Boston to Ipswich, MA, to Ithaca, NY twice, and to Colgate University.  It was a lot of miles, but a lot of fun!  Now that “wedding season” is slowing down for us, we’ll be playing a few holiday parties, and a few weddings, but mostly getting ready for an awesome 2015!Westchester Wedding Band

Doing Backflips at Emily and Bobby’s Wedding

As a Westchester Wedding Band, it’s always a treat for us to travel outside of the Westchester area to perform at weddings.  Last year, we played at a really fun wedding for Sophia and Michael at Colgate University.  They were kind enough to recommend us to their friends Emily and Bobby, who also got married at Colgate University this year.  Their party was a ton of fun!

One of the cool things about being in a wedding band is you get to watch guests dance, and occasionally you see some pretty crazy stuff… some of it quite inappropriate!  At Emily and Bobby’s wedding, we happened to capture something pretty crazy and cool as heck on video, so we thought it was worth sharing.  Check this dude out doing a backflip on the dance floor as Rhonda was belting out Firework!


2014 Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award Winners!

We’re very excited to announce that today we were awarded the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award for 2014!  This further goes to show that the Kazz Music Orchestra has become one of the best Hudson Valley Wedding Bands and best Westchester Wedding Bands!  This award, which places us in the top 5% of bands around the country, has been awarded to The Kazz Music Orchestra in each of our three years together as a band.  That’s a pretty great track record!

We are incredibly thankful to all of the couples we’ve worked with in the past year, and very thankful that so many took the time to write amazing 5 star reviews for the band on Wedding Wire.  It’s those couples that made this award possible!

Congratulations to everyone in the band!  I’m looking forward to a great year in 2014 full of lots of great music and fun parties!


Current Wedding Trends From a Band Leader’s Perspective

We’re nearing the halfway point of 2013, and The Kazz Music Orchestra has been really busy so far playing at a lot of Westchester Weddings, Hudson Valley Weddings, and really weddings all over the Tri-State Area. It’s been an incredibly fun year for us so far!

A big part of what we do to make our couples’ lives as easy is possible, beyond just providing awesome music, is coordinating the timing of everything with other vendors, and also taking care of all announcements. We also offer suggestions to our couples based on things that we’ve seen work well at other weddings, as well as things that haven’t worked so well. So, we thought it would be helpful to share what we’ve personally seen this year as a trend in the weddings we’ve played for.

The number one thing that we’re beginning to notice this year is that couples are really moving farther away from all of the formalities typically associated with wedding receptions and are telling us that they want their reception to feel more like “one big party with family and friends” rather than such a formal reception. So, the trend we’ve seen is fewer formalities, which makes time for more dance music! For example, we have not done a boquet or garter toss yet this year, and nor do we have anyone that is planning on doing this that we know about (yet).

Another thing that quite a few of our couples are completely doing away with the idea of a “Grand Entrance” with the band introducing the wedding party to their guests. Instead, we’re essentially seeing people enter the reception area and then once the bride and groom enter with the other guests, we’re typically just inviting them to the dance floor for their first dance. Actually quite often, the brides and grooms are asking us to invite everyone to join them on the dance floor for their dance as well. (Apparently not everyone likes having 150 guests staring at them as they dance alone for 3 minutes!)

It’ll be interesting to see whether the trend continues and whether any more of the “formalities” are gradually taken out of the mix, so hopefully it’s useful information for anyone out there planning their reception! Enjoy the party!

Gig at Groove in NYC on February 25!

The Kazz Music Orchestra will be playing at Groove in NYC on Monday, February 25.  We’re extremely excited to be playing at Groove, as it’s one of the top R&B clubs in all of NYC!  We’ll be playing from 7:00 – 8:30, and there is no cover charge.  Please come down to check us out, have a few drinks and support live music!  After over 2 years of many wonderful Hudson Valley weddings, Westchester weddings, and other events around the Tri-State area, we’re finally getting to perform publicly in NYC!  We look forward to seeing you there!