Favorite First Dance Request

One of the most fun things about performing at weddings is learning special requests for the bride and groom, whether it’s for their first dance together, or just songs that they really enjoy.  Many times, we are introduced to new artists, or to songs that we’ve never heard by artists that we already know quite well, so these requests turn into a great education for us. 

While speaking with a couple whose wedding our band was going to be performing for, the bride asked, “What is the best song request you’ve ever been asked to learn?”  I was pretty quickly able to answer Krystle Warren’s “Circles”, which we played for Lexi and Christophe in Easton, PA in July of 2011.  It was a song I had never heard of, and it was by an artist I had never heard of.  But, when Lexi and Christophe shared the link with me, I fell in love.  It is definitely not a traditional wedding first dance, but it is still an incredible song, and it was fun and challenging for The Kazz Music Orchestra to do the song justice.  We received a thumbs up from Christophe after the performance, so I think we did OK.  Here is Krystle Warren’s performance of the song.